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How To Use Your Sperm Test Home Kit

Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy Home Test Kit

Using the SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test


SpermCheck® Vasectomy is the only test on the market cleared by the FDA for home use that provides evidence of a vasectomy’s success or failure.  It is accurate, fast, and easy to use.  For more information, read below.

My SpermCheck® Vasectomy Kit

Your SpermCheck® Vasectomy kit comes with the following components:


  • 1 SpermCheck® Device
  • 1 Semen Collection Cup
  • 1 Semen Transfer Device
  • 1 Solution Bottle


Results in Less than 10 Steps

1)  Collect semen sample.

2)  Allow sample to stand for 20 minutes.
3)  Using transfer device, collect enough sample to fill to line on device.
4)  Add sample from transfer device to solution bottle.
5)  Gently mix solution and sample.
6)  Wait 2 minutes.
7)  Add 5 drops from solution bottle to sample well on test cassette.
8)  Wait 7 minutes.
9)  Read results.


Flash Please click here to view the SpermCheck® Vasectomy 'how to use' flash demonstration


Vasectomy Testing Frequency & Other Tips

Generally, your physician will confirm the number of tests required to confirm your sterility, along with the frequency of those tests.  If you are unable to consult your physician on these points, we recommend the following:

  • Test yourself at two different time intervals in the first three months after your vasectomy. Generally, it’s best to test 60 and 90 days after your procedure.

  • To detect possible recanalization, or the formation of a new channel in the vas deferens through which sperm can move, test yourself six months after your vasectomy. It’s also best to perform additional testing once per year for the first three years after your vasectomy.


Save TIme And Embarassment By Testing At Home


Fitting confirmation tests into your busy schedule can be a hassle—not to mention, uncomfortable and potentially embarassing. Depending on your doctor’s instructions, SpermCheck® Vasectomy may eliminate the need to return for these tests. Click here to find out more about SpermCheck® Vasectomy home monitoring.


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